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Changes to Email & Quarantine Summary
Posted by Thomas Atkins on 01 April 2015 09:35 AM

In March of 2015, SWSD transitioned to a new email archiving product as required by Google.

This new product is more integrated with Gmail than previously allowing Google to streamline email workflow. As such, the daily Quarantine Summary as shown in the screenshot below is no longer required.

Instead, you will now get all email as soon as it is delivered to your mailbox. The difference being is that now the Spam folder is used within Gmail.


Any email that would have been in your daily Quarantine Summary will now be delivered to the Spam folder. There is no more waiting until tomorrow to see if that email you were expecting is caught in the spam filter. You now have the power to see it the moment it arrives.

Now, many of you have come to IT expressing concern that messages that were in the daily Quarantine Summary are now being delivered to your Inbox (not your Spam folder). The reason for this is because Google's spam filter is like a child, it has to learn what everyone thinks is spam. It applies policies globally to filter out real spam but many people also consider email that they inadvertingly signed up for also spam.

You have the power to teach the filter what is spam and what isn't. 

To do this, use the following two buttons on individual emails. The first to tell Google that the message being viewed is spam and the second to tell it that it isn't. The more you do this, the better the filter will be for you.


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